ISO Yoga

An innovative experience combining Yoga practice with isometric strengthening featuring the OsteoBall. You will work more effectively with less fatiguing effort. This tool helps with strengthening, alignment and deepening your breath. ISO Yoga is encouraging for seniors and beginners, as well as challenging for pros. You are guided through a gentle session of Yoga, strengthening isometrics, and meditation. All levels.


  • Isometric Strengthening
  • Breath practice
  • Awareness of body alignment and posture with the OsteoBall
  • Mindfulness/mind fitness

Energize and body and relax your mind!

“Loved class today! Being creative in working of the body is a unique experience”.
Jan 2019 – Class participant Gayle D.


Tuesday 2:30pm – 3:30pm

About the Instructor.

Susan is our newest member of the Top-Floor Fitness group of wonderful instructors. She teaches and is certified in Hatha Yoga, Chair Yoga, and Gentle Restorative Yoga. Susan has experience working with seniors, strengthening and healing the body through yoga.


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